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You’re Invited to a Live-and-In-Person (and Streaming) E3 Expo

For the first time since 2019, the annual Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship (E3) program pitch competition will be in person on Friday, April 22. And for those who can’t attend, the expo will be livestreamed on YouTube.

This year’s cohort has been working on their individual entrepreneurial efforts all year. Judges will award cash to three entrepreneurs at the end of the competition.

Graphic inviting community to e3 pitch competition

Businesses this year include interactive placemats for children with autism, scented activewear, a flavored straw that dissolves in your drink, and more.

“This is what Emerson is all about! These students in the E3 Program epitomize the entrepreneurial spirit that runs in our blood! Come and see the hard work, innovation and inspiration you will witness in this pitch day for our E3 entrepreneurs,” said Lu Ann Reeb, Assistant Dean of the School of Arts and Director Entrepreneurial Studies and Business Studies.

The pitch competition will be on Friday, April 22, 12:00 – 3:00 pm, in the Bordy Theater at 216 Tremont Street, and livestreamed on YouTube. The livestream begins at 12:45 and the program begins at 1:00 pm.

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The following is the e3 pitch competition lineup:

  • Table Teamates is launching its first product, an interactive placemat for children with cognitive disabilities that will make mealtime simpler and fun. (Elena Plousadis ’22, Communication Sciences & Disorders)
  • Red Door Supper is a uniquely curated, bold, and mysterious dinner experience where guests explore great food and conversation while meeting new friends. (Patrick Williams ’23, Marketing Communication)
  • WALKABLE is a mobile navigation app tailor-made just for walkers in Boston, who can choose a customized route with filters that make travel on foot safe, comfortable and accessible. (Taliyah Gordon ’22, Visual Media Arts)
  • SEED is new networking platform designed to bring transparency, inclusiveness, and professional development to young jobseekers in the today’s shifting work environment. (Sunjin Chang ’23, Journalism)
  • Anchor Down Lacrosse inspires leadership, creativity, and competitiveness in an affordable sports program for young kids in Rhode Island. (Hunter Gervais ’22, Marketing Communication)
  • POSY is an online platform smashing the label ‘starving artist,’ by enabling fans to invest in content creators with cryptocurrencies for a return on their investment and more funding to the artists. (Pranit Chand ’23, Individually Designed Study)
  • Turtle Dove Films produces professional stories and commercials for Boston companies inspired by social responsibility and matched to funding for young filmmakers. (Max Batista ’22, VMA)
  • Chasing Bliss is an e-commerce fashion brand creating customized collections to raise awareness and have positive impact for women-focused nonprofit organizations. (Jessica Saavedra ’24, Business of Creative Enterprises)
  • Northstar Project helps UK academy soccer players rebound from released status with support and resources to reach their athletic goals and go to college in the U.S. (Bo Feekins ’23, Sports Communication)
  • Now’s the Time is a next-generation film cooperative for member owners committed to providing access and resources for young filmmakers with new ideas for showcasing untold stories. (Coral Worley ’22, VMA)
  • BENDY is a bendable multi-flavored straw made with an eco-friendly cane sugar that dissolves into your drink. (Amber Garcia ’23, Marketing Communication)
  • Tinkle is Yelp for public restrooms: a mobile app that helps you find a clean public bathroom, crowd-sourced, rated, and supported by local businesses. (Cory Mack ’22, BCE)  
  • La Buena Docena is a bakery in Honduras that will serve up fresh-baked, locally sourced cookies that you can’t resist sharing. (Cami Maduro Atala ’22, Marketing Communication)
  • Present Productions is creating a new way to consume and experience contemporary art. (Simon Pelzman ’23, Sports Communication)
  • MEAP is a new mobile app uniquely designed for all first-year students in the entire Boston academic community to navigate their own best college experience. (Nicole Simon ’23, Marketing Communication)
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