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Video & Slideshow: ‘Emerson Graduates’ Lights Up Little Building

Emersonians young and old are spread out around the world, so the majority of our pride can’t see the fantastic projection show lighting up the Little Building every night through May 15.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a video of the entire Emerson Graduates: Moving Portraits projection show, plus a slideshow, and drone video hovering over Boston Common.

The spectacle celebrates the Classes of 2020 and 2021 by featuring portraits of 27 graduates from every Emerson major next to their handwritten signature — just as they’re about to leave their signature on the world.

Emerson College in collaboration with Anthem Multimedia presents Emerson Graduates: Moving Portraits now through May 15.

“I was flattered to have been included in this process. Being chosen to represent the graduating class felt like recognition of two long years of hard work. Seeing my face on the side of LB just affirmed that after all the twists and turns, it truly was worth it. I’m grateful to be an Emersonian,” said Diego Torres ’21, who graduated May 2 with a degree in Marketing Communication.

“It was honestly a perfect way to end my experience at Emerson, and it really gave me time to really reflect on what I’ve done at Emerson,” said Anthony Rodriguez, a Writing, Literature and Publishing major who participated. “Seeing myself projected on LB was out of this world, made me want to scream ‘Look mom, I’m famous!'”

The projection ends by zooming out to show images of thousands of students, which morphs into a special message thanking outgoing President Lee Pelton –and that we’ll miss him.

If you’re in Boston, and can get downtown at night, Emerson Graduates is viewable each evening between 9:00 pm and 2:00 am through Sunday, May 15.

  • A projection of President Pelton on the Little Building
  • A student image projected onto the Little Building
  • A script e projected onto the Little Building
  • Picture of a student projected onto the Little Building
  • Picture of person project onto the Little Building
  • Seeing a projection of a person looking down Tremont Street
  • A projection of a student onto the Little Building
  • Looking at the projection show from Tremont Street
  • A projection of a student with their signature on the Little Building
  • A black and white image of President Lee Pelton
  • Text projected onto the Little Building says Congrations #EmersonGraduates
  • The Little Building is lit up in purple
  • A script e projected onto the Little Building

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