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Add an Event

Following the steps below, you can easily add an event to Emerson Today not covered by those sources.

Adding Events

Adding events is a very simple, straightforward process.

  1. Create an Emerson Today account using your Emerson email address. Your Emerson password will not work; you will need to use a different password.
  2. Hover over Emerson College Today in the header and select Dashboard.Emerson Today dashboard
  3. In the left navigation, select Events. You can use this screen as a home base for all the events on campus (although you’ll only be able to edit those that you create).Emerson Today dashboard display
  4. Choose Add New and fill out the form to add your event to the calendar.  We have pre-loaded the reservable venues from Spacebook, so please use the dropdown menu to search for your space.  For off-campus events, you can create new venue by tying in the name of the venue and clicking create venue when prompted.PLEASE do not tag events.

That’s it!  Once you are finished you can submit your event for review, and the Emerson Today staff will look it over and publish it.