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Update on Overnight Events

Dear Emersonians,

Overnight, as anticipated and noted in our email to campus yesterday, law enforcement officials cleared the tent encampment at Boylston Place Alley, resulting in the arrests of more than 100 protestors. The arrests were made by the Boston Police Department, with support from the Massachusetts State Police. We are gathering information about the arrests and will share this information as it becomes available. Emerson staff and administrators were at the scene, focused on supporting our students through this highly stressful situation and seeking to de-escalate the conflict. Today, Emerson officials were at the police precincts and courthouses with the arrested students, and the College will receive them back on campus when they are released. 

Emerson College recognizes and respects the civic activism and passion that sparked the protest in Boylston Place Alley in support of Palestine while also holding and communicating concerns related to the numerous ordinance violations caused by their encampment. We also understand that clearing the encampment has significantly and adversely impacted our community. 

Starting this afternoon, College counseling and support resources will be available to all community members seeking support. Grief counselors will be on campus from noon until 7 p.m. in the Loft today. Students, faculty, and staff may drop in for an appointment. Students, faculty, and staff may contact Healing and Advocacy at 617-824-8857 ( Students who wish to speak with a support staff member can call the Wellness Center at 617-824-8666. Faculty and staff can contact Employee Assistance at 1-800-624-5544.

My colleagues in Emerson College leadership and I understand that recent weeks have been extremely challenging on our campus and for many other campuses around the country. We hope that our community can remain united during this moment of crisis through mutual caring, support, and respect for all the people and perspectives represented in our diverse Emerson community.  


Jay Bernhardt

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