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Larry Rasky ’78 Honored in Boch Center Tribute: Boston Globe

PR executive, political strategist, alum, and former Trustee Larry Rasky ’78 was remembered this past week at a tribute held at the Boch Center, attended by 500 people, including several Emerson community members and Senator Ed Markey and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh.

Rasky was the chairman/CEO of Rasky Partners, and passed away in 2020. He was a former press secretary and longtime supporter of President Joe Biden.

Globe columnist Joan Vennochi writes that she attended the April 24 tribute, though she wasn’t sure Rasky would have put her on the guest list.

“While there will always be some tension between those who cover the news and those who work to shape it, I respected Rasky’s passion, tenacity, and drive. He was a fierce advocate and communicator who represented an era now considered ‘old Boston,’ but which was once, of course, ‘new.'”

His son, Will Rasky, “paid homage to ‘this great big gregarious, fiery but cuddly bear of a man who fiercely loved his family, friends, and teammates,'” Vennochi wrote, and President Joe Biden, a longtime friend whom Rasky served as a press secretary and advisor throughout his political career, sent a video, saying, “I wish you were still with me, man.”

Other attendees included Sen. Ed Markey and Labor Secretary and former Boston mayor Marty Walsh.

Read the Boston Globe piece.

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