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Protest in Boylston Place Alley

Dear Emersonians, 

Earlier this evening, Emerson College students from the nonaffiliated student organization Students for Justice in Palestine began protesting in the Boylston Place alley on our Boston campus. Boylston Place Alley is not solely owned by Emerson College, has a public right-of-way requirement to access non-Emerson buildings, including the State Transportation Center, and is a fire alley that is under the jurisdiction of the Boston Police Department. Emerson officials are on site and are working with the Boston Police Department to closely monitor the situation, ensure safe passage through the alley, maintain campus operations, and support all members of the Emerson community. 

The College strongly supports the right to express one’s beliefs through protest. This right comes with the responsibility of doing so without bigotry or hatred in any form. We encourage thoughtful dialogue and meaningful expression but will not tolerate actions threatening safety, operations, or educational access. Students who feel unsafe may request an escort from the Emerson College Police Department, and students may share their concerns or schedule an appointment with Student Care & Support. 

We will continue monitoring this situation closely and keep our community informed. 

Thank you,

Jay Bernhardt

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