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ComEx! Performers Take on Mascots, ‘Twilight’, Dinosaurs

This year’s ComEx!, held April 12 and 13, featured the next big stars of comedy performing improv, sketches, and standup, and competing for the Clavelli Comedy Award.

The Comics of Color Showcase kicked off ComEx!’s first night at the Semel Theater with a lineup of the funniest comedians of color, each bringing their unique style of stand-up, sketch, and improv to the stage.

Photos by Mariafernanda Cruz ’25

  • Francis Glickel performs standup
  • Several people perform a comedy sketch
  • Sophie Canon performs standup
  • Samuel Ricot performs standup
  • Lots of students perform a comedy sketch

The last event of ComEx! was the Jess Ilias Clavelli Award Competition. The show featured live performances by Emerson College’s brightest comedic talents. Lily Monday ’25 took home the prize, with Jack Reisman ’25 the runner-up.

Photos by Rian Nelson ’25

  • Connor Spring performs standup
  • All the contestants in a line Left to right: Saskia Penning, Riley Dewey, Jack Reisman, Lily Monday, Liberty Henry, Devin Hill, Connor Spring, and Jamie Elder
  • Jamie Elder performs on the piano
  • Saskia Penning introduces Jamie Elder
  • A judge gives feedback to Connor Spring after he performed
  • Lily Monday is given the award for winning
  • Riley Dewey performs while singing and holding a musical instrument
  • Jack Reisman performs standup
  • Devin Hill performs by showing her Twilight t-shirt
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