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Gerzof Richard on Events at Capitol Building: NECN, Boston 25

Senior Affiliated Faculty, Bigfish PR CEO, and social media expert David Gerzof Richard weighed in on this week’s events at the U.S. Capitol Building and discussing the role social media played for NECN/ NBC Boston and Boston 25.

Regarding the new social media platform Parler:

“It is a hive of hate speech. And what I mean by that is there are no holds barred.”

Richard also said regarding the violence in D.C. this week, “”I know it played a role. You know, they used to say the revolution would be televised. Now it’s going to be posted on Parler. And that is the problem.”

During the Boston 25 segment, Richard said that what happened on social media with President Trump is not new: “What he’s tweeted has turned into chaos and death before. It’s only because it actually happened in the Capitol. They were admonishing him in ways by tagging and flagging various tweets on his account, but still letting him operate very much immune and different from just about every other actor.”

Watch the NECN and Boston 25 segments.

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