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Shine Through Campaign Aims to Help Students Affected by COVID-19

drawing of mask with words, "shine through"
This could be yours.

As the campuses closed last spring, as classes went online and life as they knew it was upended, Emerson students did what they always do: they inspired, created, and innovated. This fall, many are back on campus doing the same, but six feet apart, wearing two layers of fabric over their mouths and noses.

Their faces may be covered, but the Emerson spirt always shines through.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some students who are struggling. Which is why during the week of Monday, October 19, the College is asking faculty, staff, alumni, and parents to consider making a gift to support financial aid for students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The economic crisis brought on by the pandemic is forcing families to make some tough decisions: Pay tuition or pay rent? There are students who will see their Emerson educations interrupted – or ended — abruptly.

Some of these students have always depended on financial aid to attend Emerson, and the pandemic has only made finances tighter. Others have a new or urgent need due to a sudden job loss or medical expenses in their families. Whatever the individual situation, more of our students need access to unrestricted financial aid dollars.

Between October 19-23, anyone who makes a gift of any amount to support student financial aid will received a limited-edition, Emerson exclusive face covering. You can show your support for Emerson students, show your pride in being an Emersonian, and show the rest of the world you care by wearing a face covering – it’s a trifecta of good feels!

(Also, please show everyone how you’re shining through on social media by sharing a face-covered selfie, #EmersonShinesThrough.)

Visit the Shine Through Face Covering Campaign webpage to give.  

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