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Information for Saturday, August 31

As President Pelton referenced in his message this morning, a group sponsoring a “straight pride” parade has been granted a permit to march this Saturday, August 31. In anticipation of crowds, the college is implementing standard safety plans, as follows:

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Professor’s Documentary on Creativity Earns National Award

What is creativity and what does it mean? From its scholarly definition as problem-solving to the wider interpretation as creativity being unique to one’s own human experience, different perspectives on the topic were compellingly strung together in the award-winning documentary, “YesNoMaybe,” by Emerson Marketing Communications Professor Thomas Vogel and Emerson alumnus Jasraj Padhye G’18. 

A Message About Upcoming Events

Fear and ignorance, humanity’s most potent cocktail, masquerading as freedom of speech,
have been given permission (i.e. given a license) to hold a Straight Pride Parade on August 31, which, barring the Boston Police determination that doing so would be unsafe, will march by our campus – an affront to the wonderfully pied beauty of our affirming and diverse commonwealth of learning.