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Raynauld Comments on Justin Trudeau’s Brand, Trump Impeachment Process to International Media

Communication Studies Assistant Professor Vincent Raynauld was quoted in the Dutch magazine, De Groene Amsterdammer, in an article about the scandals and resilient “brand” of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In the piece, “Een mooiboy met deuken” (“A nice boy with dents”), written and published the week prior to the October 21 Canadian federal election, Raynauld said he did not believe Trudeau would be able to maintain his image as is, but that it could be modified.

Trudeau’s personality has always been what has drawn people to his politics, Raynauld said.

‘He spoke to voters through his personal character and emotional connection,” said Raynauld (in English translation). “In itself it was to be expected that he would disappoint people. He made a brand that was so pure and radiant that it had to get contaminated. But the way in which his brand cannot continue in the same way. He will have to adjust it.”

Read more about Trudeau’s brand in De Groene Amsterdammer.

Raynauld was also interviewed this week by the French publication Ledevoir regarding the Trump impeachment process. Read the piece (in French) here.

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