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Student Government Association Fall Election Results

Emerson College’s Student Government Association (SGA) held elections for the fall semester on November 14 and 15. The fall elections are geared to filling any vacant elected positions and the freshman class council.

Students running for positions declared their candidacies on SGA’s EmConnect page and collect 50 signatures to be on the ballot.

Below are the election results:

Class of 2022

  • President: Cassandra Shelley
  • Vice President: Philip Leary
  • Treasurer: Anton Lee
  • Senator: Brady Baca

Class of 2021

  • President: Arasha Lalani
  • Vice President: Joseph Johnson
  • Secretary: Liv Wang
  • Treasurer: Brandon Smith
  • Senator: Alexa Bodner

Class of 2019

  • Vice President: Emmarose Campbell
  • Secretary: Katelyn Brady

Departmental Senators

  • Visual Media Arts: Somari Davis
  • Writing Literature & Publishing: Anthony Rodriguez
  • Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Program: Sahil Patel
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