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Call for Spirit of Emerson Award Nominations

The Spirit of Emerson Committee is now calling for nominations for the 2019 Spirit of Emerson Award. The Award is given annually to one or two individuals or groups each year who have exemplified the College spirit, as determined by the Committee.

The Spirit of Emerson is a positive outpouring of the College’s activities, interpersonal relations, creations, diversity, and expression, including the spirit stated in Emerson’s mission statement, President Pelton’s five strategic objectives, our legacy, motto, and/or “E-spirit”. E-spirit is electric, innovative energy in thought and creation, in which “E” stands simultaneously for “electric” and “Emerson.”

Nominations will be accepted from any member of the Emerson community, including self-nominations. Anyone may make multiple nominations. Community members (students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, parents, Trustees, and Advisors) who have been part of the Emerson community for at least one year are eligible, as is any group composed of eligible individuals.

Nominations for the 2019 Spirit of Emerson Awards are due by Monday, January 30, 2019, and may be submitted here.

Recipients of the award must succeed, if not lead, in at least three of the following criteria:

  • Advancing Emerson’s mission, including President Pelton’s five strategic objectives
  • Building morale within the Emerson community
  • Creating pro-social/humanistic accomplishment at the College
  • Increasing “school spirit”
  • Making substantial contributions to advancing social justice, inclusiveness, and diversity
  • Unconditional giving to Emerson
  • Increasing Emerson’s positive visibility in the world or Boston community
  • Actively acknowledging others who amplify the spirit of Emerson
  • Radiance
  • Making Emerson a “better place,” however the committee interprets those words.

For more information about the Spirit of Emerson Award and the Award Committee, visit the Spirit of Emerson web page.


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