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Opportunities Abound at Internship Fair

Nearly 300 Emerson College students met with close to 40 employers about jobs or internships in journalism, marketing, public relations, film production, the arts, and nonprofits at an Internship Fair held Tuesday, October 4, in the Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gymasium. 

“I was very pleased with the turnout,” said Carol Spector, director of Career Services, which sponsored the fair. 

A fair number of Emerson alumni came back to represent their companies; Spector said typically the fair gets 10 to 12 alumni. 

Each booth was festooned with balloons that were color coded to indicate what type of work the employer was looking for: marketing and advertising, theatre arts, writing/publishing, multimedia journalism, social media/content creation, communications and public relations, media production/post-production, and creative/graphic arts. 

Spector said some of the big draws for students were The Boston Globe,, and NBCUniversal, which was “incredibly popular.” 

“When I went over to check that they had everything set [at the start of the fair], there were probably fifteen students waiting there to meet them, and that line stayed that way pretty much the whole time,” Spector said of NBCUniversal. 

Spector said the week after the fair, her office will typically field requests from students asking for help in preparing for internship interviews they lined up at the fair. 

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