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There Are Many Ways to Go Greek at Emerson

Hannah Perrin

Hannah Perrin '16 is president of Greek Life at Emerson College.

As the fall semester enters its second month, Emerson College’s eight recognized sororities and fraternities are celebrating the induction of their new pledges.

According to Jason Meier, director of Student Activities at Emerson, the core values of all College-recognized Greek organizations on campus are academics, leadership, service, and brotherhood and sisterhood. He said what makes Emerson Greek life stand out in particular is each chapter’s civic engagement in Boston and beyond.

“We focus on the betterment of ourselves, of Emerson, and of the greater community around us,” Meier said. “There are so many great things that Greek life can bring to a community like Emerson, and we always want to make sure we’re bringing those great things.”

Some of those great things include Kappa Gamma Chi’s annual Emerald Empowerment campaign against violence against women, and Alpha Epsilon Phi’s philanthropic commitment to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Sharsheret, which helps those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Phi Alpha Tau also made national headlines in 2013 when members raised money to cover gender reassignment surgery costs for one of its members.

Kenzie Woodrow ’17, a member of Zeta Phi Eta, said that part of what makes Emerson’s Greek organizations so connected to the community is the relatively small size of the campus.

“It’s a much more intimate experience,” she said. “Think about Emerson students and how we’re so different, so Greek Life here is inherently so different.”

Hannah Perrin ’16, president of Emerson College Greek Life, agrees.

“Emerson Greek Life is unique because we are very small compared to other schools,” she said. “But we are also very similar to Greek Life as a whole because we are all striving for the loyal relationships in our organizations. We want a family who is proud to be a part of our family.”

Kenzie Woodrow ’18

Kenzie Woodrow ’17, a Zeta Phi Eta member

The sense of community in Emerson’s Greek organizations doesn’t stop when a brother or sister graduates. Fraternities and sororities are lifelong networks of past, present, and future members with unbreakable bonds, which can come in handy when members are looking for internships, post-graduate employment, or even just a friendly face.

Woodrow recalls her trip to Los Angeles during spring break last year. She said she connected with Zeta’s professional chapter in LA, and was able to find places to stay throughout the week because of Zeta alumni. 

“Zeta has connected me to so many alumni whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Woodrow said. “Greek Life is really about family at Emerson, and I think that’s what’s important.”

Photos by Victoria Bilcik '17

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