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Emerson adds new international study opportunities

Two new study abroad offerings for Emerson students in all majors, Arcadia University’s eight-week “London Now” summer program and a fall exchange program with Communication University of China (CUC) in Beijing, have been announced by the Office of International Study and External Programs.

One new international program available to Emerson students is the “London Now” program, offered through Arcadia University. The eight-week summer program includes pre-approved courses that can be transferred to Emerson.

The addition of both London and China as study abroad destinations marks a significant expansion to Emerson’s study abroad and external program opportunities. They join the current catalog of programs at Kasteel Well, the Netherlands; Prague, the Czech Republic; Emerson College Los Angeles; and Washington, D.C. “London Now” is an Arcadia University program, but Emerson students have been invited to apply for admission to Arcadia’s College of Global Studies.

Emerson signed an exchange agreement with CUC in late October to create the Beijing exchange program and a number of other collaborative initiatives.

“I am optimistic that these new international opportunities will be successful,” said David Griffin, director of international study and external programs. “There have already been many applicants for the London program.”

The class offerings for “London Now” are primarily in theater and literature, but all majors are encouraged to apply. A number of courses may also satisfy general education requirements at Emerson. The application deadline is March 31, 2012, but students are encouraged to apply early because admission may close before the published deadline, due to the popularity of London as a destination this summer as the host city of the Olympic games.

The CUC and Emerson have each agreed to accept two exchange students during alternating semesters. Two CUC students are taking classes on Emerson’s Boston campus this spring, and two Emerson students will live on CUC’s campus this fall. The program is open to students from any major.

Emerson participants are not required to have a background in Mandarin, but will be required to take a Mandarin course at the appropriate level while attending CUC, to better understand their environment. Courses will be taught in English and will transfer to Emerson; since the exchange program is geared toward the international experience rather than major-relevant courses, most courses will be counted as general elective classes.

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