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Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Do you need help finding your “hmmm…?” David Coleman may be able to help. Known as the “Date Doctor,” Coleman made the students of Emerson College go “hmmm…” at his presentation during Emerson’s Orientation Week.

Coleman calls “your hmmm…” moment the moment when you meet someone who stops you dead in your tracks. “They make you go hmmm…I want to know more,” he said.


“Look for the ABC’s: attraction, believability, and chemistry when looking for your soul mate.”

At the event, which drew a full house of newly minted freshmen to Emerson’s Cutler Majestic Theatre, Coleman told the students he wanted them to become fat penguins. Why? “Because fat penguins always break the ice first.”

He informed the audience that he knows more than 2,000 pick–up lines, and advised the students not to fall for them. “Look for the ABC’s” he said: “attraction, believability, and chemistry when looking for your soul mate.”

When Coleman opened up the floor, the students had plenty of questions, ranging from cheating boyfriends to overcoming shyness.

Coleman is the author of Making Relationships Matter, Date Smart! and 101 Great Dates. He has been featured in Us Magazine, Glamour, Women's World, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times as well as on CNN and other major television networks.

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