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Scott and Mwosa Discuss Representation in Film Industry: GBH’s Basic Black

Marketing Communication Affiliated Faculty Nerissa Williams Scott, MFA ’15 and Visual & Media Arts Assistant Professor Thato Mwosa, were two of the BIPOC filmmakers who talked about how they built their careers and how the industry has grown in Massachusetts on GBH’s Basic Black.

Scott is the treasurer for the Secret Society of Black Creatives, and talked about the impact of the group.

I feel like the state was not aware of our presence, but now, because of the Secret Society, we’re trudging forward and we’re setting an example of what can and should be done to represent us in this community.

Mwosa said being a Black filmmaker comes with obstacles.

Our stories need to be told… we have the talent, we have the voice, we want that representation, but when we’re not given the resources, when we’re not given the funding, it’s challenging.

Watch the full discussion on YouTube:

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