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Goldberg ’24 Bonds with Her Father Through ‘Spin’ Podcast

Eliot and Olive Goldberg
Olive Goldberg ’24, a Visual & Media Arts major, co-hosts the Spin Sonic Impact podcast with her father, Eliot.

Taylor Swift, Ice Cube, Nirvana – those are some of the musicians that Olive Goldberg ’24 bonds over with her father Eliot on their co-hosted podcast.

A veteran unscripted and documentary producer who is Head of Unscripted and Documentary Programming for 101 Studios, Eliot Goldberg really liked the father-daughter hook of working co-hosting with Olive. They started worked on the podcast in 2022. Recently, they teamed up with Spin Magazine to create the Spin Sonic Impact podcast, where guests tell stories about the musical artist who most impacted their lives.

“I needed a co-host and it hit me – I should ask Olive,” said Eliot. “I think it’s cool to do something with my daughter. We have different generational and gender takes. I know how much she loves music, and I passed down my love of music. It gives a different element, because she doesn’t know a lot of these artists we’re talking about, so she’s learning while the audience is learning. That’s fun when you get a new generation to discover musicians.”

Olive said for the most part, working with her father is awesome.

“I think there’s this comfort we have with each other that you don’t usually have with people you work with. So that allows us to feel really comfortable while recording, and that can look like my dad messing up for two minutes straight,” joked Olive. “It gives us a unique opportunity to connect and learn from each other. I talk about a Taylor Swift concert and he talks about a documentary he really likes. We get to connect through music.”

Eliot is also working with Spin on other projects, and teaming up with one of the most influential music publications of all time enabled access to musicians they may not have been able to otherwise book. Olive researches interviewees, Eliot interviews the guests, and then afterwards he and Olive edit from opposite coasts of the country, and provide their own commentary.

Eliot said the key to the podcast is talking with musicians about particular musicians who impacted their young lives, and in turn influenced them to pursue music.

“We’re talking to people who worked with Paul McCartney, or went on vacation with Van Halen,” said Olive.

To kick off the rebranded podcast, the creator of Spin, Bob Guccione Jr., came on the podcast. He spoke about the early days of Spin, and the role the magazine had on emerging acts like Nirvana and Sinead O’Connor [the interview was conducted before she recently died].

Rapper and actor Killer Mike spoke about how Ice Cube influenced him, and they also spoke with singer-songwriter LP.

“I love music. I love being able to talk about music, learn new music, music history and hear these incredible stories,” said Olive. “Some of them are really fun or really emotional. It’s a special opportunity to have this platform to have people share these stories and allows me to share my stories.”

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