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Kasmer-Jacobs on Representation in Viral A Cappella Hanukkah Videos: Jewish News of Northern California

Ariella Kasmer-Jacobs, a graduate student and member of the Boston mixed-gender, young professionals, Jewish a cappella group Honorable Menschen spoke about representation and diversity in viral Jewish holiday videos, which began around 2010.

“I remember when those videos first came out. It was exciting to see representation of Jews in pop(-ish) culture that felt more modern and contemporary and challenged a lot of stereotypes.” It’s not a bad or negative representation, Kasmer-Jacobs said. The videos felt joyous, she added, and she loved seeing them become a phenomenon that reached outside the Jewish community. “But there hasn’t really been a push any further past that.”

The piece focuses primarily on the lack of women in these videos.

Read the piece.

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