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Alums Bringing Live ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to ABC

The current production of Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration will air on ABC on December 15, and lots of Emersonians are working on the live production.

10 Emersonians stand on the set of The Beauty and the Beast

From left to right: Michael Kiaunis ’18, Travel Coordinator; Connor Treacy ’19, Script Coordinator; Jess Niazian ’22, Executive Assistant; Phil Rosenberg ’13, Coordinating Producer; Rob Paine ’92, Co-Executive Producer; Hayley Broderick ’20, Script Supervisor; Erica Meyer ’06, Production Supervisor; Ryan Healey ’19, Lighting Director; Grace Leuper ’20, Production Assistant; Cassie Cormier ’20, Production Assistant.

Kiaunis and Paine previously worked on the ABC’s live production of The Little Mermaid in 2019.

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