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So Many Emersonians Made ‘The Little Mermaid Live’ Awesome

Emerson alum stand on the set of The Little Mermaid Live!
Left to right: From left to right: Phil Rosenberg ’14, Associate Producer; Abby Skorupski ’18, Truck PA; Michael Kiaunis ’18, Producer Assistant; Jason Denagy ’02, mRes Technician; Erica Meyer ’06, Script Supervisor; Joe Celli ’91, Art Director; Joseph Mancuso ’07, Script Coordinator; Rob Paine ’92, Co-Executive Producer; Adam Mishler ’06, Production Supervisor; Ryan Healy ’19, Assistant Lighting Director. (Photo by Cameron Whitelaw)

While there weren’t any actual lions in ABC’s The Little Mermaid Live, which aired November 5, there sure were a lot of Emersonians who worked on the show.

“I actually didn’t realize we had so many Emerson alum until a few days before the show. It was a pleasant surprise to work with fellow Emersonians,” said Co-Executive Producer Rob Paine ’92.

Emersonians man a camera during the filming of The Little Mermaid Live!
Emersonians work behind the scenes of The Little Mermaid Live!

Paine added that projects like ABC’s first live musical don’t come around very often, and working with such a talented crew of Emersonians and everyone else was a true pleasure.

“Working on The Little Mermaid Live! was an absolute dream come true,” said Associate Producer Phil Rosenberg ’14, who is a lifelong Disney fan. “My 8-year-old self is screaming with joy!”

Make-up crew member Claire Doyle puts makeup on a child actor dressed as a crab.
As a member of the make-up crew Claire Doyle ’00 worked with many performers, including a child/crab.

Throughout the production Emersonians performed different tasks unique to it being a live show.

“The fast pacing of a live show required the team to create exquisite make-ups with speedy changes and to keep our ears open to jump in to assist a fellow make-up artist who needed extra hands,” said Claire Doyle ’00, who was on the make-up crew.

Rosenberg had the very cool job of adding Easter eggs into the show and sound FX into the live musical performances.

Rosenberg said it was amazing to see all the Emersonians working together on the production. “It really goes to show that the college sets you up for success. And that the Emerson Mafia is very real!”

Mist rises from the set of The Little Mermaid Live!
The set of The Little Mermaid Live!

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