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Trustee Bright’s New Doc ‘Nureongi’ Unpacks Korean Dog Meat Industry

Board Trustee Kevin Bright’s ’76 new documentary Nureongi, which was released on YouTube June 9, presents an unbiased view of the dog meat industry in South Korea.

“I am very optimistic about the impact this film will have in starting a serious dialogue in South Korea around the dog meat industry and its future,” said Bright.

Emerson College Board Trustee Kevin Bright ’76 directed Nureongi.

The nureongi is a Korean mongrel dog breed that is one of the favored dogs for long-standing tradition of eating dog meat, known as “gaegogi” in Korean. Nureongi have a yellowish coloring and the term is a transliteration of the Korean word “누렁이” meaning “yellow one,” according to wikipedia.

Kevin Bright headshot
Kevin Bright ’76, Founding Director, Emerson Los Angeles, and Trustee Board member

After watching a haunting video clip of dogs being slaughtered, Tami, a Korean-American woman, began her mission to rescue meat dogs and relocate them to the U.S. Filmed over three years, Bright follows Tami, a family friend, as she searches to understand her homeland’s continued tradition while she also creates a foundation to rescue as many dogs as possible.

The movie includes interviews of Korean activists, dog meat traders, veterinarians, educators, dog farmers, and average people on the street. The documentary does include a warning before a part that might be difficult for viewers to watch.

The film premiered in South Korea at the Seoul Eco Green Film Festival on June 7, 2021, and drew thousands of viewers after debuting on YouTube.

“I hope this film will give all of you a new perspective on the subject of eating dog meat and perhaps we can all be reminded that if we want our culture respected, we must respect the cultures of others,” said Bright.

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