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Whelan on Opportunities Amidst COVID-19: Hechinger Report

Provost and VP for Academic Affairs Michaele Whelan contributed to the article, “While many colleges are making big cuts, a few opt for permanent transformation” for The Hechinger Report, which covers innovation and inequality in education. The article examines lasting changes in higher education during the pandemic, and for Emerson and other colleges, acquisitions was one of them.

The College completed its alliance with Marlboro College this past summer, strengthening its liberal arts curriculum, adding students, faculty, and Marlboro’s endowment.

There are always opportunities. [Underway is] a whole brainstorming exercise now about the future and how Covid is changing learning and what are some of the unexpected — quote, unquote —benefits that are arising out of it.

Read The Hechinger Report article.

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