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Important Updates About Name Changes and Pronouns


Last week, staff from the Instructional Technology Group, Information Technology, the Registrar, and Intercultural Student Affairs worked to implement an update to Canvas that allows students (and anyone using Canvas) to designate their gender pronouns for display.

This feature has already been activated within Canvas, and will allow pronouns to be displayed on a variety of reports and screen pages. Users are able to select from a drop-down screen, with the default gender pronoun displaying as “None.” Each user can now access their Canvas profile and make the selection for how they would like their pronouns to be displayed. The options available include She/Her/Hers, He/Him/His, They/Their/Theirs, Ze/Zir/Zirs, Name Only, and Prefer to Self-Describe.

Our online guide to Displaying Your Pronouns in Canvas provides screenshots and instructions that will help you navigate through Canvas to update your pronouns.

Here are a few key items related to this new Canvas feature:

Users’ selection of pronouns in Canvas will not cue changes elsewhere in other College systems and databases.
A more robust rollout that will display selected gender pronouns across multiple Emerson platforms is scheduled to be available by spring.

Curious Why Gender Pronouns Matter?
Name Update Process

Furthermore, the College recognizes students may choose to use a first name on campus that is different from their legal first name. We have a policy and process that allows students to request the use of their chosen name in many of their campus records in the absence of, or while they are in the process of obtaining, a legal name change. Visit Changing Your Personal Information for additional information.

You can visit the Name Changes table to learn where you should expect to see your legal name or preferred (updated) name.

For additional information, visit Name Update Considerations for Transgender and Non-Binary Students and Name Standards for International Students.


For using Canvas and its features:

Jenn Stevens (she/her/hers), Director of the Instructional Technology Group,

For updating your personal information, including your name:

Take good care,
Jim Hoppe
Vice President and Dean of Campus Life

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