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Podcast: Let’s Talk About Race with Cheryl Owsley Jackson and Heather May

Emerson College School of Communication's Campus on the Common Podcast
Emerson College School of Communication’s Campus on the Common Podcast

In this episode of Campus on the Common, faculty members Cheryl Owsley Jackson and Heather May start to unpack the difficult topic of racism.

For the purpose of understanding perceptive, Journalist-in-Residence Cheryl Owsley Jackson is a biracial woman who identifies as Black, while Heather May, senior lecturer in Communication Studies, identifies as a cisgender white women.

In this powerful and insightful discussion, we explore:

Cheryl Owsley Jackson
Cheryl Owsley Jackson
  • The origins and persistence of institutional racism in the U.S., and how its driven by individual racism
  • The legacy and manifestation of white privilege
  • The definition and nuances of racism, and what we get wrong about it
  • What white people can do to understand and combat racism


Cheryl is a journalist-in-residence at Emerson College and a certified diversity trainer. She previously directed the Washington, D.C. video news program for Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Prior to joining the academic world, Cheryl worked for CNN, PBS, and Racing Towards Diversity Magazine.

Heather Mae
Heather May

Heather May is chair of the Emerson Faculty Assembly and a senior lecturer in Communication Studies. She has worked as a consultant in public speaking and presentation skills, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in psychology.

About Campus on the Common Podcast…
Broadcasting from Emerson College’s School of Communication in Boston, Massachusetts, “Campus on the Common,” provides an expert view into the field of media and communication through the lens of academic experts and industry professionals from Emerson and beyond.

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Hosted by Mark Brodie, Adjunct Professor of Communication Studies

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