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Joe Paladino ’20: Leadership Through Baseball

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Emerson Today is profiling recent graduates to hear about their time at College and what they plan on doing next.

Hometown: Bedminster, New Jersey

Q: Tell us about your time at Emerson.

Paladino: At Emerson, I majored in a new program called Business of Creative Enterprises. The main goal of the major is bringing a creative approach to traditional business methods. It was a really great experience, as I was able to take classes spanning across a wide range of fields and tie them back to business. Through the major, I saw myself develop a creative mindset, become a better collaborator, and acquire business skills.

Along with studying in BCE, I also added two minors, one being Digital Media & Culture, and the other Sports Communication. I was also a member of the baseball team at Emerson the past four years, being a captain as a junior and senior. I would say that was my biggest leadership role throughout college. It was a blast continuing to play the sport I love at a high level, and also gain friends for life along the way.

As for jobs, I have been a marketing and production intern for the Pawtucket Red Sox since the summer after my sophomore year. It’s been a great experience having the chance to learn so many different things from a well-renowned organization in the sports industry.

Q: What was your favorite class and why?

Paladino: I would say my favorite class was Strategic Management. I have to go with that because of the professor, Stanley Miller. He always kept the conversation light-hearted, while teaching the material effectively.

Q: What is your favorite memory from your time at Emerson?

Paladino: It’s hard to narrow down to just one, so I would include all of the time I spent playing baseball as my favorite memory at Emerson. I had a great head coach, and met lifelong friends while playing the game I’ve loved ever since I was younger. It really couldn’t get better than that.

Q: What song or movie best encapsulates or most reminds you of your college years?

Paladino: Watching Miracle on Ice with my friends is probably my favorite movie reminding me of college. We watched it together a few times and it’s really just an inspiring story. Since we’ve seen it so much, we can basically quote all of it.

Q: What are you most proud of?

Paladino: Over the last four years, I’m most proud of proving my ability to balance so many different things outside the classroom, and still be able to succeed inside.

Q: What are you doing (or hoping to do) next?

Paladino: Currently, I’m home with my family and just trying to stay as busy as possible with everything going on. I’ve been able to work on some projects with the PawSox, which has been great, as well as start an online Excel course. Since this isn’t the greatest time to be looking for a job, I’m using it to learn a few things in some areas I can improve.

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