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Introducing the Career Cafe: A New Way to Meet Employers

Making a solid first impression is a challenge to forming any connection, whether it’s personal or professional. Unsurprisingly, it’s also a challenge holding students back from making first contact with companies or employers in their field.

Emerson’s Career Development Center is introducing a program this spring designed to take some of that pressure off of students seeking jobs or internships. The program, titled the Career Cafe series, is meant to offer a cafe-style approach to meeting with employers and learning more about potential career paths.

Career Cafes serve as an answer to the stiffness students and employers feel when connecting outside of the interview and application process. They’re an opportunity for students to drop into on-campus meetings with employers for networking or career research purposes. Plus, there’s the added benefit of sharing a cup of coffee in the Lion’s Den.

This is not a hiring event. Instead, it’s a chance to casually chat about your professional interests without the stress of needing to hand in a resume or formal application. It’s a chance to make a genuine connection with just one of the employers the Career Development Center works with to provide full-time internship opportunities.

The series will follow a bi-weekly schedule, with cafes taking place every other Wednesday, 1:00-2:00 pm, throughout the semester. Upcoming dates include:

January 29 — Boston 360 Video
February 12 — XCLlSV Media
February 26 — Agassiz Media

Follow @ECCareerDev to keep in the loop on upcoming Cafe dates!

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