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Emersonians Remember What Classes Inspired Them

By David Ertischek ’01

As another semester begins, many students are enrolled in classes that will show them a career path they didn’t know was possible, open their minds to new ideas, and inspire them to be better listeners, speakers and critical thinkers.

With that in mind, we asked Emersonians on the College’s Facebook page what classes inspired them and why? We got a lot of responses — because there have been lots and lots of inspiring classes through the years!

Fittingly, oratory classes were highlighted.

Classes that challenged Emersonians to think alternatively drew praise.

Numerous people said it didn’t matter the focus, the classes of the legendary Dr. Kenneth Crannell were “awesome” and “magical”.

And alums who are now teachers, use what they learned in their classrooms, some of who went on to teach at Emerson…

As you might expect, Emersonians still use what they learned in college in their professional and personal lives.

And they were shown the future!

Having the opportunity to meet with people in show business provided a real life perspective.

And Emerson professors were able to be thanked and be thankful for being praised.

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