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Emersonians Answer: Why Did You Want to Attend Emerson?


Recently, we asked a simple question on Emerson College’s Facebook page: What made you choose Emerson?

Emersonians shared stories of falling in love with Boston, the enticement of academic programs, and that Emerson was the first place that made them feel like they fit in.

Many of us knew we wanted to attend Emerson from an early age.

Some students were enticed after attending college fairs — and would go on to become Emmy Award-winning producers …

…or be a co-creator of Emerson Independent Video!

Before Emerson College, many of us felt like outsiders — and then we found our people at Emerson!

We knew we were Lions and didn’t want to apply to any other school (+ sometimes there was a cute person going to a nearby school).

Honestly, purple looks good on a lot of us.

But primarily, you go to college for one main thing, right? That’s to get an education in your preferred area of study.

And apparently some accepted students got a letter signed by the Fonz himself — Emerson College alum Henry Winkler ’67!

P.S. Henry Winkler LOVES Emerson College!

Having a tour by soon-to-be famous alum like Mario Cantone ’82 is pretty cool, too.

Of course, Emerson’s iconic football team is a HUGE draw!

You can’t beat going to school in Boston — or our state-of-the-art facilities! And Lions are awesome!

In retrospect, choosing Emerson College was a great decision for us!

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