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Greetings from the New Campus Chaplain

Hello, Emerson College!

My name is Julie Avis Rogers and I am delighted to be your new Director of Religious and Spiritual Life & Campus Chaplain. In my short time on campus so far, I have already had the chance to meet such an incredible array of creative, kind, and inspiring individuals and it makes me so excited for the good work that lies ahead for us!

My background is a hybrid of arts, social justice, and student spiritual life. From studying theatre as an undergrad, to working with study abroad programs in central Mexico, to serving as a pastor in a handful of progressive Boston churches, I am thrilled to bring my passions and experience together in a creative, vibrant place like Emerson College.

One of my primary goals is that Emerson be a place where individuals feel supported and encouraged in their spiritual journeys, whether that journey includes a particular faith tradition or draws inspiration from sources outside of traditional religion, such as music, film, nature, astrology, and so much else. In addition to leading programs and events for our community, I am also available as a supportive and confidential resource (for all members of the Emerson community: students, faculty, staff and alumni) for one-on-one spiritual counseling to discuss faith identities, spiritual practice, or truly any topic that might be weighing on you where a compassionate, confidential ear could be a useful resource.

In closing, here are five ways to stay connected with the Center for Spiritual Life!

  1. Click here to take a look at our latest Center for Spiritual Life newsletter where more specific invitations and events are outlined.

  2. Click here to join the newsletter list so that you can stay up-to-date on CSL happenings and upcoming religious holidays and observances.

  3. Click here to follow the CSL facebook page.

  4. Join me for a “meet and greet” reception on Thursday, March 14 from 3-5 pm in the Multipurpose Room (Campus Center).

  5. Come on by the CSL! We are currently located in Piano Row, L155 (and office phone is 617-824-8036). And soon, we will welcome you to the beautiful new space at The Commons at 172 Tremont!

I can’t wait to get to know you so please email me anytime at

Julie Avis Rogers
Director of Religious and Spiritual Life and Campus Chaplain

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