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Neverett Internship at Fenway Park ‘Could Mean the World’

A new internship in the broadcast booth at Fenway Park could blow doors wide open for an Emerson student interested in sports announcing, sports communication, or journalism.

Emerson alumnus and Red Sox Radio Network announcer Tim Neverett ’88 is offering one committed student a spot in the booth alongside him and fellow WEEI 93.7 announcer Joe Castiglione throughout the 2017 season.

“It could mean the world,” said Associate Professor of Journalism Marsha Della Giustina, who will direct the internship, co-sponsored by Communication Studies.

“It’s going to have to be a special student,” she added.

That’s because from May 23, when the internship officially starts, until the Sox season is over, the student will need show up four hours before every home game and stay after the game, Della Giustina said. That means only graduating seniors, or grad students with extremely flexible schedules, will be eligible.

The internship is open to any major. Applications are fairly rigorous and are due Wednesday, April 12.

Students will help Neverett and Castiglione get ready for the broadcast. During the game they’ll monitor the Twitter board and audio board, and do research for the announcers. Afterward, they’ll head to the clubhouse to work with the Red Sox public relations team to secure post-game interviews.

Interns either get academic credit or $25 per game (plus food), but must attend a three-day unpaid training before the job starts.

The student will follow in the footsteps of former Red Sox announcer and current San Diego Padres sportscaster Don Orsillo, who interned under Castiglione while he was a Northeastern University student. Their current intern, a graduating senior from Suffolk University, has already landed a job at the Arizona Republic.

When the internship opened up, Neverett asked Castiglione if he could give it to a student from his alma mater, and WEEI 93.7 FM owner Entercom agreed, Della Giustina said.

“[Tim] has always been there for us and he’s always been willing to help, and this is an extraordinary gift he’s giving the school and the students,” she said.

The successful applicant will know something about baseball, but won’t need to know stats off the top of their head, she said.

They’re also going to be around a fair amount of celebrities in the booth, so they need to be, you know, cool about it. No selfies.

“They might take a picture of Tim and Joe with [Tom] Brady, but not themselves with Brady,” Della Giustina said.

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Note: This story has been edited to reflect the extended application deadline. 



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