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Students Attend Exclusive ’Steve Jobs’ Screening

Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs

Emerson College students attended a special screening of Steve Jobs thanks to Melissa Rosenberg ’17, a campus representative for Universal Pictures.

More than 250 Emerson College students gathered at AMC Loews Boston Common on October 15 for an Emerson-exclusive free screening of Steve Jobs. The event was organized by Melissa Rosenberg ’17, a campus representative for Universal Pictures.

“I thought it was very successful,” Rosenberg said after the screening. “There was definitely a lot of laughing for a film that’s a drama, some witty commentary, and a nice loud clap at the end. I’d say definitely a successful movie.”

Steve Jobs offers viewers an honest glimpse into the complexities of the shady business behind the Macintosh, NeXT, and the iMac, and the various relationships that Jobs (played by Michael Fassbender) formed along the way. Despite the title, the real heroes of the film were the people who stood up to Jobs’s bitter selfishness as he schemed his way through child-support lawsuits, creative control over Apple’s innovations, and everything in between. The performances of Seth Rogen (who plays Apple co-creator Steve Wozniak), Kate Winslet (who plays Jobs’s personal assistant Joanna Hoffman), and Perla Haney-Jardine (who plays his daughter Lisa Brennan) are worth noting.

“It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting,” said Aubrey Gimmell-Nunez ’17. “They did the other Steve Jobs movie [Jobs] and that was way more focused on the making of the first Apple [computer] in the garage.” She said she appreciated how this version dug deeper into the relationships behind the scenes of product development. “I cried at the end,” she said.

As a campus representative for Universal, Rosenberg said that she plans other free advanced screenings and distributes promotional merchandise for other films to Emerson students. She also is responsible for promoting Universal productions on social media. Students such as Zoe Davanzo ’17, who attended the screening, appreciate Rosenberg’s work because it allows them to experience movies in theaters on a college budget.

“I always like to see free movies,” said Davanzo. “It’s about the experience. It’s fun to go to the movies, with friends, especially.”

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