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13 Things We Did During the Blizzard of 2015

Snowstorms are a great time to hunker down with a cup of hot cocoa, a blanket, and some good movies or books. It can be liberating to do nothing for a while, but cabin fever and boredom can surely set in. Thankfully, as Emerson students, we are highly creative individuals who know how to keep ourselves entertained when weather forces the College to close its doors. 

Here are 13 things we did while Emerson was closed during the blizzard of 2015:

1. “I ran through the empty streets of Boston!– Ashlyn Lillibridge, 16

2. “I did live snapchat updates every hour of Snowmaggeddon for my friends in California. My snapchat story is 330 seconds long but its totally worth it. – Kenzy Peach, 18 

3. “I watched the movie Juno. Its only appropriate!– Erin Kayata, 16. (The blizzard was nicknamed “Winter Storm Juno” by The Weather Channel.)

4. “We watched Friends on Netflix and ate from an epic cheese board. – Rose Fieschko '13 and Lanna Tokuhiro, 13

5. “I baked cookies in Colonial!– Cassidy Hopkins, 16

6. “I baked chocolate cookies and measured the snow!” – Lauren Feeney '15 

7. “searched for the Yeti. – Casey Hudacko 17.

8. “I tried to do my homework. – Nicole Simeone 16

9. “I built a blanket fort with my roommates.– Chandler Kilgore-Parshall, 16

10. “I sorted socks with my mom.– Ariana Colozzo, 15

11. “I had a photo shoot with my roommates.– Jennifer Zemke 16

12. “We freelanced for the Weather Channel [as photographers].– John Pooley 17 and James Piccirillo 16

13. “I organized my computers desktop and ate pizza.– Christina Catucci 16

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