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It’s Movember at Emerson PD


Emerson police officer Jacob Dechamps is growing a mustache this month to raise money for the Movember Foundation to help fight cancers that affect men. (Photo by Michelle Kwong '15)

Members of the Emerson College Police Department have joined the nationwide Movember campaign to raise awareness for important men’s health issues.

The Movember Foundation was created to increase publicity and funding for prostate and testicular cancer, along with men’s mental health issues. For the month of November, the men of ECPD have grown mustaches to bring attention to the issue in the campus community.

Lieutenant Robert Bousquet Jr. and officers Ralph Fiore and Jacob Dechamps have dedicated themselves to the project; as a team, ECPD has helped raised almost $1,400 for the cause. 

“For the male students that are here, there is a strong percentage that at some point in their lives will be touched by this. For the female community at Emerson, they will be touched through their brothers, fathers, or spouses.

movember cops

Emerson Police Lt. Robert Bousquet and officers Jacob Dechamps and Ralph Fiore are raising money for the Movember Foundation. (Photo by Michelle Kwong '15)

“This is an opportunity for us to bring attention to a cause that will have an impact on them,” Bousquet continued, “and we’re doing that in a way that is fun.”

For Fiore, the issue hits home as the scare of prostate cancer once affected him personally. 

“In the last five years, I’ve had two scares myself in regards to testicular cancer and a different area of the body,” said Fiore. “You just don’t think it’s going to happen to you, and when the doctor tells you that, it’s kind of scary.”

Bousquet said his father was diagnosed at 61 years old. 

“Prostate cancer is a very treatable form of cancer,” he said. “The treatments that are in place for this are good if you get hold of this cancer early.”

The officers hope that Movember will raise much-needed awareness to the cause, especially among those in the Emerson community who are afraid of the prostate exam.

“We hope this will bring more attention to men’s health,” Dechamps said.

Although they cannot grow mustaches of their own, the women of ECPD are also promoting the important cause. Officer Jamila Beasley and part-time dispatcher Grace Howard are both supporters of the Movember Foundation.

Howard, who attends graduate school at Simmons College, says she has worked hard to “network and solicit donations” for Movember. 

Movember women

Emerson Police dispatcher Grace Howard and Officer Jamila Beasley are raising funds for the department's Movember campaign. (Photo by Natasha Sara Abellard, MA '16)

Beasley proudly wears her mustache pin to represent the growing movement.  “Because of the gentlemen that I worked with who told me the background of Movember, I was encouraged to wear the pin,” she said. “It’s an important investment for all genders.”

Those interested in learning more about Movember or picking up their own mustache pin can visit the Emerson College Police Department located on the first floor of the Little Building.

Donate to the Emerson College Police Department’s Movember campaign.

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