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Shakespearean Jazz Show hits New Orleans


The Shakespearean Jazz Show's cast is all Emerson and Berklee College of Music students and alumni. 

The Emerson-created Shakespearean Jazz Show this week is returning to its creative roots—New Orleans—to embark on a two-city tour that returns the show to Boston, at Emerson’s Paramount Center, next month.

Featuring a cast entirely of students and alumni from Emerson College and Berklee College of Music, the Shakespearean Jazz Show is an ensemble that provides an unforgettable parade of Shakespearean sonnets, songs, and scenes set to original New Orleans-style jazz.

The show was included in the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane University last year as a last-minute addition on its second stage. But this year, the show is performing June 20-23 on the festival’s main stage after getting a positive reception, according to Alex Ates ’13, the Shakespearean Jazz Show’s director.

“It’s such a privilege and joy for us to bring our work to audiences in New Orleans, the city that inspired the production, and Boston, the city that fostered it,” Ates said. “It’s also a remarkable experience for us as young artists—building something, taking it to theaters across the country, and performing it.”

The Shakespearean Jazz Show will perform July 17-19 in Boston at Emerson’s Paramount Center.


The cast line-up is as follows:

Alex Ates ’13, co-creator, director, creative producer

Patrick Greeley ’13, composer, co-creator, musical director

Orrin Whalen ’14, designer

Max Sangerman ’13, trumpet and vocals

Sheldon Brown ’14, vocals

Tyler Catanella ’13, vocals

Jenna Rodalski ’14, vocals

Emily Skeggs ’12, vocals

Tripp Clemens ’13, videographer

Jason Pacella ’13, stage manager

Christina Kuchan ’13, company manager and assistant stage manager

Jemila Dunham, a Berklee student, bass

Adam Salameh, a Berklee student, drums

Adrian Aiello, a Berklee student, guitar

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