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Pelton signs agreement with Blanquerna University

Spain MOU

Emerson President Lee Pelton, second from right, with Blanquerna University professors Enric Ordeix and Josep Maria Carbonell, and Emerson Associate Professor Gregory Payne, right, of the Communication Studies Department on April 19. 

Emerson President Lee Pelton signed a memorandum of understanding with Blanquerna University Facultat de Comunicació (School of Communication), Ramon Lull University of Barcelona, Spain, on April 19.

The signing took place in the President’s Conference Room of the Ansin Building in the presence of Blanquerna’s Professor Josep Maria Carbonell, the communication school dean, along with Professor Enric Ordeix and Gregory Payne, associate professor at Emerson.

The memorandum of understanding, which will remain active for five years, enhances the current collaboration between the two higher education institution’s communications programs. The partnership includes opportunities for exchange of research projects and instructors; the development of academic courses; and prospects for sharing data related to common areas of interest within the field of communications.

The understanding culminates a 21-year relationship between the two schools. Since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, students from the Department of Communication Studies have visited the Barcelona university to study abroad, attend conferences, and engage in creative projects.

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