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New program offers financial education

Emerson College officially launched its new financial education program, Money Matters, on September 27. Students and alumni can learn about debt management, using credit wisely, identity theft, and other personal finance topics.

Students and alumni can choose different components of the Money Matters program to best utilize and benefit from the offerings. They will have access to on-campus events, one-on-one counseling with a Money Matters advisor, webinars, and an online component called SALT.

SALT is a membership program created by nonprofit organization American Student Assistance (ASA) to help students take charge of their finances during college and beyond. Emerson College partnered with ASA to provide SALT.

“We found a wonderful partner in ASA,” said Vice President for Enrollment MJ Knoll-Finn. “SALT allows us to more easily reach out to our students and alumni and provide even more personalized counseling on financial issues. It also gives us the ability to use online tools to help promote financial education, which allows students to gather information at any time of the day or night,” she said.

Through SALT, students and alumni can receive proactive communication about their student loan and repayment options, participate in one-on-one repayment counseling with student loan experts, and access multiple “self-serve” online tools and calculators to assist with budgeting.

“Budgeting is important for everyone, but students in particular have to learn how to develop a budget and stick with it—which can be difficult,” said Knoll-Finn. “Having a limited income while being a student means that extra effort has to be put into maintaining a budget, which is great practice for life after college.”

Current students can sign up for SALT by logging into their eCommon accounts and completing the “Money Matters” form under the Student Services Tab. Alumni should log into the Emerson Alumni Associate Online Community at

“This program is a wonderful opportunity to learn about various financial topics and get answers to questions that naturally arise regarding paying for college and understanding and managing personal financial decisions,” said Knoll-Finn. “It will continue to grow based on student, family, and alumni feedback,” she said.

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