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Emerson leaders visit Chinese universities

A delegation of Emerson administrators, faculty, and staff visited Beijing, China, this week to meet with officials from Emerson’s sister university, the Communication University of China (CUC). The group also visited the Beijing Film Academy (BFA).

CUC signing ceremony

Emerson's Director of International Study and External Programs David Griffin (seated, left) and CUC Dean of the School of Television and Journalism Professor GAO Xiaohong (seated, right) signed the student exchange agreement between the two institutions.

The members of the delegation included: President Lee Pelton, Vice President for Academic Affairs Linda Moore, Dean of the School of Communication Janis Andersen, Chair of the Visual and Media Arts Department Jonathan Wacks, Director of International Study and External Programs David Griffin, and Associate Dean of the School of the Arts Shujen Wang.

President Pelton and President Zhang Huijun

President Pelton (left) met with Beijing Film Academy President ZHANG Huijun during a visit to Beijing.

The purpose of the visit was for Pelton to meet the presidents of CUC and BFA and move relationships between Emerson and the two institutions forward. While in China, Emerson signed new student exchange agreements with CUC and BFA.

Several delegates will continue on to Shanghai to visit Fudan University, a top Chinese university known especially for its journalism school.

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