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Emerson Esports Vandals Win Championship

A graphic of the six members of the Vandals team
Graphic made by our Esports Social Media Manager Feeman ’25.

Shovel Knight, UnsoundToaster, Kbuster, and can’t forget Iso. Those are some of the players on Emerson’s Esports Vandals team won the NACE Starleague Open Plus 11 Divisional Championship on December 6.

The Vandals defeated the CCNY Beavers for the championship with Nicholas “Iso” Wong ’24 earning MVP.

The players on the team are:

  • Jackson “Shovel Knight” Morin  ’25
  • Nicholas “Iso” Wong ’24
  • Harvey “UnsoundToaster” Johnson ’24
  • William “Fox” Hou ’26 
  • Jeffery “Jeto11” Han ’24
  • Ziyang “Young” Shu ’26

Kaung “Kbuster” Kyaw is the team coordinator, and Kevin “Endless” Tay is the Vandals’ coach.

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