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Emerson College Statement on Resident Assistant Union Request 

Emerson College recognizes the important role Resident Assistants play on our campus. The College has received a request from a group of Resident Assistants asking to recognize them as a proposed labor union.

As a matter of principle for this request and any other requests for new union recognition, Emerson College will seek a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) secret ballot election, allowing Resident Assistants to indicate their position on union representation by casting their vote with the NLRB.  This process is part of the union representation procedures used by the NLRB, which is the federal agency responsible for conducting union elections and protecting the collective bargaining rights of employers and unions. This approach ensures that all affected workers can express their views on union representation by casting a secret ballot using the NLRB’s election process. 

Emerson respects the right of our workers to organize and seek union representation, and we will abide by all laws and requirements applicable to this process. Whatever the outcome of this election, Emerson College will continue to support our Resident Assistants in their efforts to build community and support our students and campus.

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