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Photos: Emerson Urban Dance Theatre Show Creates Dreamscape

What do sleep, dreams, and nightmares look like as dance? Emerson Urban Dance Theatre’s show REM at the Semel Stage answered that question.

Last week’s show was specifically choreographed to represent REM (rapid eye movement) which is the sleep stage when most dreams happen. The show featured numerous dance pieces: five contemporary, five hip-hop, four tap, and two full company numbers.

Photos by Mariafernanda Cruz ’25

  • One dancer on stage with their leg up high
  • Dancers groove with one foot over the other and one hand behind their head
  • Dancers in all white are on their toes and reach their heads up high
  • A group of dancers gather in a group and pose
  • Dancers lean in together on stage
  • One person stands with their arms spread out while others lay near their feet
  • Some dancers are leaning down, some are standing up high with arms extended
  • Two groups of students dance in pajama-like clothing in a West Side Story Jets versus Sharks way
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