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Hurley Honored for Leadership in Higher Ed Family Programs

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Maureen Hurley

Maureen Hurley, Emerson’s Director of Student Transitions and Family Programs, was recognized for the impact she’s had on family engagement in higher education by the field’s professional association.

AHEPPP: Family Engagement in Higher Education presented Hurley with the AHEPPP Founders’ Award of Excellence at their national conference in Baltimore last week.

In winning the award, Hurley demonstrated her commitment to innovating within the profession; following research and best practices; supporting a collaborative environment; espousing responsible and ethical behavior; working to advance equity, belonging, and inclusion; and engaging in professional development, according to AHEPPP (Association of Higher Education Parent/Family Program Professionals).

Hurley, who countless Emerson families know as the calm, cool, and infinitely kind moderator of the Emerson College Parent and Family Programs Facebook page, was nominated for the award by Nicki Jenkins, Senior Program Specialist for the University of Kentucky’s Parent and Family Association.

“I have had many mentors and supporters, and worked with many leaders throughout my career,” Jenkins wrote, “but Maureen Hurley has stood out as one who has inspired me to hold myself and my institution to higher standards of equity, belonging, and inclusion, and has supported me in my pursuit of knowledge and understanding.”

In her nomination, Jenkins cited many of Hurley’s accomplishments and innovations, including launching a “We Are Family” event at Emerson for LGBTQ+ students and their families, a program that has become a national model. Beyond Emerson, Hurley established AHEPPP’s first Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion Council that “seeks to influence policies and processes that guide social justice within the AHEPPP community.”

“But it’s not just her passion and experience that impress me,” Jenkins said. “Maureen’s joy and positivity is infectious. Her optimism and eagerness to bring change to our field is inspiring and valued not just by myself, but also by her peers and colleagues.”

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