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A Latine and Hispanic Heritage Month Guide to Emerson Creators

In celebration of Latine and Hispanic Heritage Month, Emerson Today is highlighting some of the many Emerson community members who tell stories about the Latine experience in the United States and beyond.

Some of the stories are inspired by the creators’ own lives, and from their own countries and communities. The documentaries, short and feature length films and TV shows speak to contemporary life, the recent past, and Latine history.

Maria Servellón, MFA ‘18
Affiliated Faculty
Visual & Media Arts

Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies

Hyphen (2018)

Servellón directed this short film that IMDB described as: “A poetic journey of memory and fantasy told through the eyes of four versions of an artist as she creates her own self-identity.”

Cristina Kotz Cornejo
Visual & Media Arts

la raíz es mas importante que la flor (the root is more important than the flower) (2021)

Kotz Cornejo wrote and directed this 9-minute short documentary, shot in 360-degree video. In the film, Huarpe leader Maria Zalazar introduces Cornejo, a Huarpe descendant, to her culture and land in what is now San Juan, Argentina.

3 Américas (2007)

This feature length film is loosely based on Cornejo’s adolescent years. In the film, a 16-year-old girl is sent to Argentina to live with her anti-American grandmother.

Maria Agui Carter
Assistant Professor
Visual & Media Arts

SciGirls (2020)

Agui Carter directed one episode and was an advisory to PBS Kids’ SciGirls, which told stories of Latina girls and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education.

Voces on PBS (2012-2019)

She directed 10 episodes of this arts and culture documentary series that explores the diversity of the Latino experience.

14 Freight Trains (2015)

This one-act play was produced by Agui Carter’s Iguanda Films, and was about the first American soldier, an undocumented Latino, to die in Iraq.

Rebel (2013)

She wrote and directed this film based on the memoirs of a Cuban woman soldier in the American Civil War.

Paloma Valenzuela ’09

Valenzuela is a playwright, screenwriter, actress, director, and creator of La Palomita Productions (formerly La Gringa Loca Productions).

Luminary Lens Series for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (2020-2021)

Valenzuela directed and edited this 7-episode digital documentary series featuring Neighborhood Salon Luminary artists, including the founder of Boston’s first female mariachi band.

The Pineapple Diaries (2015-2020)

Valenzuela wrote, directed, and produced this comedic web series that centers around the lives of three best friends in their 20s, who live in a Dominican neighborhood in Boston, as they discover themselves, each other, and the absurdities of everyday life.

Patricia Alvarado Nuñez ’94

Alvarado Nuñez is a television producer, director, and photographer.

Fidel Castro (2005)

She co-produced this American Experience PBS primetime documentary that told the story of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

María del Mar Fernández González ’18

Dueños del Tiempo

González co-starred in this film about a group of kids traveling with a time machine through some of the most important moments of Dominican history.

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