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Newman on AI, Data Collection: Jacobin

Russell Newman, associate professor of digital media and culture in the Marlboro Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, is lead author of an article on the regulation of artificial intelligence and data collection published in Jacobin.

In the article, Newman and his co-authors argue that the European Union has not gone far enough in regulating how industries such as health care and education collect, analyze, use, and disseminate consumer data, but that the Federal Trade Commission, which recently launched an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) on “commercial surveillance,” has an opportunity to shift the thinking on AI and data.

The current FTC consultation on commercial surveillance is globally significant because it points the way toward extending the horizon of regulatory intervention. That move remains inspiring globally, even if there’s reason to doubt what scope of regulatory implementation is politically possible in today’s United States.

In other words, we need to stay with the trouble. Why? Because data extraction and AI bring major harms that no regulator anywhere is currently taking seriously, even in the EU with its bevy of recent regulations. 

Read the article.

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