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What Are Emersonians Doing This Summer?

Performing for hometown theaters, taking classes abroad, and visiting baseball stadiums — these are just several things that Emersonians are doing this summer.

Here is what some of our current students are doing this summer:

Braelyn Spitler ‘25

Major: Political Communications

Two people smile together
Braelyn Spitler, right, with Andi Van Sickle, while canvassing at the 2nd Street Market in Dayton, Ohio.

For my internship with Rank the Vote Ohio, I’m doing a lot of work in different fields, due to it being a grassroots organization- it’s much more of a bottom up approach. My focus currently is working with the social media team leads on the [social media] presence of RtV Ohio, in addition to doing market research in order to figure out how to get the best exposure possible. I’m also on the ground, [canvassing for signatures] in order to get on the ballot in November 2024, and working toward the future [and] being able to become a registered speaker to be booked at gigs for RtV Ohio.

I find grassroots organizations very fascinating, as they’re often volunteer based and are run off of passion rather than funds. So being able to be a part of a passion-led movement, not for a cash grab, but just for a general belief of bringing something good to Ohio, is something I can get behind and proudly work for/support. It helps that Ranked Choice Voting/STAR Voting/Approval voting are all systems that I agree with and understand, so working toward implementing something I believe in for my Midwest home is very refreshing.

Brendan Collins ‘25

Major: Business of Creative Enterprises

A person at the Royal Swedish Opera
Brendan Collins ’25 at the Royal Swedish Opera.

I’m currently attending a Global Pathways program in Sweden, visiting and connecting with businesses in the Stockholm and Copenhagen area about how companies, both new start-ups and prestige establishments, are able to thrive in a modern environment. It’s been fun so far!

Also, I currently act as a Social Media Assistant and Venue Manager for the Lighthouse International Film Festival, an organization I’ve been working with for the last five years to engage with the film sphere in the New Jersey coastal area.

Lastly, I’ve been attending baseball games with my family every summer in an attempt to visit all 30 Major League Baseball ballparks. This year takes us to Seattle, after which we’ll only have three left. Go Mariners! (and Red Sox!)

Amanda Miller ‘24

Major: Theatre Education and Performance

Amanda Miller sits with a cup of coffee
Amanda Miller ’24

This summer I am working at the Wolf Performing Arts Center Summer Camp in my home town [Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania]. My campers are 5 to 8 years old, and each week we are putting on a new play inspired by a folktale from another country. We teach a bit about the culture and spend the week building a show that shared the story with their families. 

I have been a member in this specific theatre community for the past 11 years and wanted to give back. Since I am in Theatre Education, this job directly relates to my studies at Emerson, and the jobs I am being prepared to take on in the future. Additionally, I loved the mission to bring multicultural education to camp as it is immensely relevant but often overlooked! 

Anthony Ramlochan ‘25

Major: Media Arts Production

Anthony Ramlochan
Anthony Ramlochan ‘25

This summer, I’m working on recording and releasing new music; producing and editing videos and digital content for my music; training for soccer to be prepared for preseason camp with the [Emerson] men’s soccer team; and working for a courier service, and DoorDash on the side. I also spend time outdoors riding my bike around the area, spending time at local parks and reservations. 

My goals for this summer are to make money to further invest in my artistic endeavors, as I hope to upgrade my home recording studio and buy a new video camera. I want to improve as an artist and make art that impresses me first and foremost. I also want to get in great shape so I can make a big impact for the men’s soccer team. 

I would describe my music as versatile, as I like to experiment with a lot of different sounds and I take influence from a really wide range of artists and genres. I would also say that my music is raw and unfiltered, and every song I make is a reflection of how I’m feeling during recording. Lastly, I would say that it is intentional, since I am my own audio engineer, I like to make artistic choices with intention and pay attention to details. My music is available on all streaming platforms under 1kantrm, Apple Music and Spotify.

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