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See the Future at the E3 Expo

indigo stands in front of screen that reads "monetization" with bullet points below
Indigo Pinedo ’23 runs through a presentation of their venture, Indigo Bakery & Greenspace, during a recent E3 class. Photo/Lu Ann Reeb

Come to the E3 Expo on Friday and you may get a sneak peek of the next hot hang-out spot, must-have app, or essential service.

Emerson’s Entrepreneurial Experience (E3) draws students from across majors who spend one academic year developing their idea for a business, product, service, or organization. On April 28, 12:00-4:00 pm, in the Bordy Theater, this year’s cohort of 13 will present their plans to a panel of judges, with the winners taking home cash prizes.

Nalany Guerrier ’24, who designed her own Interdisciplinary Studies major in Creative Production & Performance, spent the year creating Expozé, a studio that curates video content and generates exposure and connections for emerging artists.

“E3 has been one of the most enriching academic experiences I’ve had during my time at Emerson College,” Guerrier said. “[It] has challenged me to think creatively and build my own creative venture.”

marisa stands in front of a class room screen covered with images
Marisa Negron ’23 presents Siren Song Interactive for the E3 class. Photo/Lu Ann Reeb

Indigo Pinedo ’23, a Creative Writing major, created Indigo Bakery & Greenspace, which, just as the name implies, is a sustainable brick-and-mortar bakery and community green space.

Pinedo said the program has taught them more than just how to draw up a business plan or write an elevator pitch.

“E3 has truly cultivated the best and most confident version of myself that I could be. It has provided me with many amazing opportunities and connections I would have otherwise thought impossible,” said Pinedo, who credits E3 Director Lu Ann Reeb, Executive-in-Residence Sharon Topper, and their classmates for supporting Pinedo and sharing their own passions.

“They helped create an invigorating learning environment that I will treasure for years to come,” Pinedo said. “My venture is something tangible now, that I find great pride in, and [I] am now positive I can make it into an actual business for myself soon. I am more excited than ever now to get my future started.”

Here’s a complete list of students and their ventures:

Senter (Cheng) Bi ’23 (VMA) – Provoke is a pop-up art gallery bringing the work of uninhibited young artists to the public through curated exhibitions.

Declan Bretz ’24 (Sports Communication) – The Fundamental Athlete is a resource to help combat the mental health stigma in sports for high school athletes.

Jackie Cahill ’24 (Marketing Communication) – Jackie’s Dance Studio (JDS) introduces the energy and excitement of LA dance training to Boston.

Kadyn Darrow ’24 (Marketing Communication) – Kadyn’s Koffee allows coffee drinkers to personalize and make the perfect cup of coffee every time with self-service stations.

Sebastian Germosen ’24 (Journalism) – Underdog Fitness is a mobile fitness app designed to be a guide for high school/college baseball and softball players to achieve their fitness goals, helping them prevail on and off the field.

Nalany Guerrier ’24 (Creative Production & Performance) – Expozé is a studio that curates video content, providing exposure and connections for emerging artists in Boston.

Anthony Manupelli ’24 (VMA) – The Lighthouse is a workspace specifically designed for freelance creatives to collaborate, network, and learn.

Marisa Negron ’23 (Publishing) – Siren Song Interactive is an online interactive graphic novel publishing house where the stories progress based on user choice.

Josh O’Brien ’23 (Theatre) – Velvet Sheep is the next wave of live entertainment experiences, with fully immersive and interactive productions that are changing the culture of nightlife in Boston.

Emma Paiva ’25 (Business of Creative Enterprises) – Bluebird is an alcohol-free cocktail bar that aims to create a safe and comfortable drinking environment for those living a sober lifestyle.

Indigo Pinedo ’23 (Creative Writing) – Indigo Bakery & Greenspace is a brick-and-mortar bakery and community green space with sustainability built into every facet.

Quinn Rowland ’24 (Business of Creative Enterprises) – What Now is a location-based app that quickly links people interested in one another to help combat social isolation.

Russell Ryan ’23 (VMA) – Bunratty Productions is a film and television production company centered on telling darkly comedic stories with embedded social messages.

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