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Reminders About Fall 2022 COVID Protocols


As we get settled into the fall semester, we wanted to share reminders of important COVID-related policies and protocols.  The One Emerson site contains all the most recent and updated information regarding COVID and college policies for the Boston campus. Students studying in Los Angeles, the Netherlands, or Paris should contact staff at those sites for more specific information.

Whether it’s COVID or some other illness, it’s never fun or convenient to be sick. We want to make sure you’re getting all the information you need to help make those situations easier to manage.


Individuals who experience COVID-19-related symptoms should take a COVID-19 test.  We recommend you maintain a small supply of rapid COVID-19 for your individual use.  The health services staff at the Emerson Wellness Center have a limited number of rapid tests available for those in need. You can contact the staff in Health Services at 617-824-8666 to arrange an appointment, phone consult, or telehealth appointment.


Students who test positive for COVID-19 must complete the COVID Self Reporting Form, which will share relevant information with health services staff at the Emerson Wellness Center. Upon receipt, you will receive an email with specific information to help answer your questions and give you directions for next steps. Please be sure to read all the written information you receive from Health Services. Many of the questions you might have can be found there. Checking this information first will help Health Services staff be the most available to speak with students experiencing significant symptoms or health concerns. If you still have questions after reading the provided material, though, be sure to email the Health Services staff at the Emerson Wellness Center ( or call them at 617-824-8666.  If your situation is urgent and you need emergency assistance please call 911.


The college is following a protocol of isolation in place, meaning students who test positive should isolate in place in their existing room assignment or off-campus residence.  

  • Policies and directions for isolation and quarantine can be found at this link.  
  • Directions for identifying close contacts can be found at this link.

Anyone living or studying on the Boston campus this fall is encouraged to use the smartphone-based app MassNotify.  This app, with a focus on privacy, enables notifications to be sent to users who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

  • Directions for enrolling in the MASS Notify system can be found at this link.

You can always contact staff in Health Services or at the Campus Life office with questions. 

Take care,
Jim Hoppe
Dean, Campus Life

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