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Photos: First-Year Students Welcomed with Smiles, Music, Tutus

First-year students moved into Emerson College dormitories in Boston on Sunday, August 28.

Move-in staff were eager and ecstatic to help, unloading cars and trucks, whisking belongings up to residence halls, and otherwise making new students feel like Emersonians.

As always, they did it with efficiency, enthusiasm, and lots of tutus.

Photos by Derek Palmer and Eitan Ehrlich ’25

  • A lion and chicken mascot stand by a sign that says Emerson move-in
  • Looking down to the first floor of the Little Building from the second floor. First year students check-in at tables
  • Two people look into a move-in basket
  • People walk down the street
  • A person removes an item from the back of a pickup truck
  • Four people pose together
  • Three people pose together
  • One person holds up their hands like making a tiger growl
  • Move-in staff cheer
  • Two people pose together
  • Students walk down the street
  • One person poses
  • Move-in staff cheers
  • Emerson staff member with chicken and lion mascots
  • Two people pose with chicken and lion mascots
  • People on the sidewalk with arms raised in cheer
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