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Alum Hussain’s Film “Nafs Said” Highlighted by MovieMaker Magazine

Alum Huma Hussain ’21 is a recent graduate and detailed her short film, “Nafs Said,” for MovieMaker Magazine’s New School series, which features the work of young alumni from top film schools.

The film, which is about an Indian-Muslim housewife who has a chance to step outside her traditional life, was shown this year at the Bengaluru International Short Film Festival in India, the Detroit Shetown Film Festival and the Tacoma Film Festival, and in November will be included at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival in London. 

I want to continue to make movies that think about my experiences, and [the] experiences of Indian women and Muslim people. I feel like there is a lack of representation for Muslims. Even in India, where I grew up, I was accustomed to seeing caricatures of my identity on screen. It was important for me to imagine myself through a different lens. So that is something that I’m actively working towards.

Read the piece.

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